Monday, August 30, 2010

Correlation between GMAT performance and biorhythms

A lot of scientist regard biorhythms as pseudoscience. But I downloaded software for calculating biorhythms several days ago and saw very strong correlation between LSAT performance and curve of intellectual activity. Therefore it works for me. And everyone can calculate such correlation for oneself, and if is works you can lift GMAT score scheduling exam to date when intellectual level is the best.

In graphic upper curve there is my performance in LR questions of LSAT. Downstairs graphic reflects my biorhythms. Blue curve in it reflects my intellectual ability. For better demonstration i draw it in upper graphic by my hand.

not pressed downstairs graphic:

Saturday, August 14, 2010


The temperature in Kyiv now as well as during lust several weeks is 35-38C. So it is not easy to study, but I try to do so every day for several hours.

In consequence of solving a lot of lsat tests I do more better in RC and CR then earlier. But my SC performance is still low. In 1000 SC I solve correctly approximately 60% of questions. Ive studied all rules and idiom but often I cannot notice them in questions.

Today I begin to work upon math sections. My weak side in math is inequalities. In exam I hope gain 50-51 in math section and 35-37 in verbal and in sum gain 700-720. may be soon I will begin to practice AWA.

Month ago ive begun to write essays and make arrangement with my current and former employers about recommendation letter.

But listening section of toefl disturb me the most. I watch every day 1 or 2 series of serial, but my listening skills are still weak.