Friday, April 8, 2011

Boston University School of Management - waitlist

Decision will be available until 15 of Julay. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My enjoying and asking for help

FIRST: I am enjoying being in Nepal and teaching Nepali students. It is interesting to teach big group of students but I really like to teach individually students who are smart, like to study and spent so much time for getting good education in future.

It's really great to see how this several students that live in such bad condition (they live in clay houses in one side of which lives family and in another one live cows and buffalos) have known English so good, and how they find time and books for reading if school library contains less books than I've bought during last two years for myself. I am sure that these smart boys will be my friends after my returning to Ukraine, and I'll obviously help them achieve their objectives, not only teaching them but also financially.

In first i want to bay to two of them laptop. I have not a lot of money now so i'll buy them used laptop for $100 in Ebay.
Unfortunately because this acquisition i'll not be able to travel around the India after being in Nepal. But I'm really want to visit my friends which i mate during preparation to GMAT, in first ( Anand Patil, Mak Sialka and Pardeep ( So I need help of my blog's readers. If someone have old laptop (it can be very old, In first because for working not playing every computer is Ok, in second i'll install to it Ubuntu (type of linux) and every computer with this operation system will «fly») i can buy it from you for $100. But i'll be able to pay you not now but in the middle of June after returning to Ukraine. If you can help me, write please to my email. If you help me l'll be able to travel around the India and visit my friends!

I'm waiting for answer form Boston Business school. I'll know answer from Admission Comity after 10 days.