Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible

PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible sharply improved my performance. It is really great book in which structure of CR explained better than in Kaplan 800 and another books. I search so effective book about RC strategies now.

Monday, November 22, 2010

GMAT cheating

What is interesting, the main search requests by virtue of which new users find my blog are GMAT Cheat sheet, gmat cheating, how to cheat on gmat, and so. (Users do not go to my blog typing in google “GMAT live questions”). All this people left my blog disappointed because I did not write really useful articles for cheaters. I wrote only this small post, that can help cheat nobody. So in this post I will write my thoughts about cheating on GMAT.

Warning: I’ve never cheated on GMAT, and I will never do so. And I am not recommend to do so anybody.

Chess cheating

In my opinion it is possible to use in GMAT only one type of cheat method that i name chess cheating. This method used my acquaintance during Ukrainian Chess Championship, and it helped him to became International Master of chess. There are a few people now who can win chess computer software. Therefore he bought headphone of such type. And his accomplice with powerful laptop tell him right chess moves.

This method is fullу useless in verbal part of GMAT, but can be helpful for solving arithmetic problems and in some situations for solving inequalities and equalities.

Maybe it is only one avealible method for cheating on GMAT now.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Renovation of my blog

I've just registered new domain name of my blog. All my readers will be redirected from to (I hope you like this name!)

In addition I want to change content of this blog. I am going to write not only posts about my way to MBA but also actual articles about GMAT preparation and MBA admission. Information for these articles I'll take from experts.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

new GMAT day

I've just scheduled new GMAT date. I'll have GMAT 30 of December in Moscow.

Critical Reasoning Bible

I am reading PowerScore Critical Reasoning Bible now. It is really great book!

Several days ago left my email and resume there and got several letters from consultants about my chances to be admitted to MIT with current GMAT:

Caroline Clough
 (Clear Admit, LLC)

First off, your nationality is a positive, as relatively fewer applicants from the Ukraine are applying to business schools, which would make adding you to a class appealing to admissions committees always trying to increase their diversity. Also, your background in journalism would also be an interesting element of your profile, as long as you were able to explain how this background synchs with your goals and also has given you access to some business fundamentals. Your education is also slightly non-traditional, which can be problematic unless you try to keep the focus on how what you learned would be applicable to a business context.

On the other hand, your GMAT of 610 is considerably lower than the average at top b-schools (which is closer to 710 or 720). While your nationality and unique perspective would be compelling to the adcom, that GMAT score will give them serious pause. My recommendation would be for you to continue to study and prepare for a second sitting for the exam, with the goal of raising your score a minimum of 40 points, though the closer you can get to 700, the better. It should be noted, however, that it's best that you take the GMAT no more than three times. Also, keep in mind that you should be aiming for a TOEFL score of around 110. Your quant score on the GMAT is solid, if a little below the preferred 80th seems that your language skills are the main issue. You might also consider enrolling in an English language course and gaining a high grade, as this could be an alternative way to present your ability to handle a rigorous all-English curriculum

Jennifer Bloom,

Hi, Nick. If you can prove that you walk on water (and lead others across it as well), if you invented the iphone, or if you have been selected by BCG for a full MBA scholarship, then you may be able to get into MIT with a 610. If you are human, it is not likely. Retaking the GMAT is the smartest route. A 650 is better but still not likely to get into MIT. I've seen MIT be a little flexible about score when they really are impressed with someone. You can certainly work on the essays in the meantime and apply with whatever score you earn in December. "..."

So. I am moving in right direction!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

manhattan CAT#4 640

it is so uninteresting to write about GMAT... i hope this blog will be more interesting soon, when i'll beat it

Friday, November 5, 2010

new optimism

V 27 is definitely not my verbal score. I can do better. i've just done V36 in Manhattan verbal part of test . I did exam without math part, and several times stopped it (not studying during this breaks). But in another side i began it after work being very existed. I hate GMAT, but i'll exactly beat it. In next week i'll schedule new date.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

News from the battle

1. breakthrough in listening section.
I've just noticed that i can understand English broadcasts more better then earlier. Furthermore listening of them does not tire me. Sometimes i forget that they are in alien language. May be it occur because i've recently bought smartphon in which i watch English broadcasts everywhere.

2. I've just solved all 100 opened for my verbal questions from Beat the GMAT practice questions. this is my result:

verbal - 70% correctly
SC - 79%
CR - 71%
RC - 57%
average time - 1m 43s

i believe that i am capable to do at least v35 before new year, because applying to MIT with 610 (q47 v27) is a little bit self-confidently. Ьy main probem in preparation is lack of practicing material. I've exhaust all open and inexpensive questions (like BTG Question, Grockit, OG, Official verbal review, Kaplan 800 etc) and another courses are very expensive for my country. Perhaps i'll buy one of courses but i do not know which.

Ellipsing My Business School: Message from my GMAT Tutor

Ellipsing My Business School: Message from my GMAT Tutor: "You guys have heard so much about me referencing my tutor that I thought I would have him write a post about me!  Here you go... How to fr..."

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Beat the GMAT Practice questions = alternative online Official Guide

Eric Bahn, the founder of Beat the GMAT gave me free access to New Beat the GMAT Practice questions and ask to write true review of them. So there you can read this review.

What is BTG Practice Questions?

This is service that provide opportunity to solve approximately 700 GMAT questions of all types. OG contains not more bigger number of questions. So for me product with name BTG PC resembles to OG. But due to it is Internet based, it provides more opportunity for users.

Good sides of BTG PC

+ You can customize practice in great degree. You can choose not only type of questions (Reading comprehension, Critical Reasoning , Sentence Corrections, Data Sufficiently etc.) as in OG but also more narrow topics. For example you can choose questions that test knowledge of idiom, test your ability to weaken argument, arithmetic questions etc. In addition you can choose level of difficulty of questions. If you choose adaptive mode, software will give you questions according your ability to answer correctely, as do that in real test.

+ There is in BTG PQ concise written and video explanation to every questions.

+ Software create detailed error log automatically, in that you can not only see number of questions in which you made a mistake, but also analyze in which type of questions you make a mistake more frequently. In next practice session due to opportunity to customize practice in great degree you can solve only the most challenged questions for you therefore preparation will be more efficient. In addition you can flag exact questions (for example the most difficult for you questions) and do only them, solve only questions in that you made a mistake, or only new ones etc. In sum level of customizations of practicing in BTG PC is very deep and this makes preparation efficient and interesting.


There are few ones now. I would write about them If i noticed . Yesterday at the night i pointed several drawbacks in software but today i do not see them so i've delete their description from this post. And i do not konw now if they were fixed, or i was very slippy, during writing rewiev. Maybe main drawbacks is that BTG PC contains only 700 questions.

BTG practice questions is useful product for preparation to GMAT, for all test takers, especially for people who prepare for exam a lot of time and need a ''fresh questions'.

In addition I want to say that when I saw renewed version of BTG PC I was wondering because I did not see all drawbacks that were present in previous version. (this is my review of previous version). This fact says that BTG team works a lot for improving this product.


1. Create, please, additional version of interface of BTG PC in which all fonts colors and contrast are just the same as in real exam. In fact person's speed of reading strongly correlate with fonts. Two years ago when I administrated news site I did experiments, in which I recorded time of reading of long articles of all readers. And this experiments shows that the speed of reading the same article written with different fonts and coefficient of people who do not finished to read article are different. Because experiment recorded date of thousands readers, result was very precise.

If time of reading of article with font Century Schoolbook is 100%, the time of that with Time New Roman is 114%, Georgia – 104, Arial – 136, Vranda 129, Tahoma – 128, Century Gothic – 137.

In second, according to experiments the speed of reading sharply differed from width of column. Optimal width of column is ~5 words. In BTG Questions width of column in SC and CR are narrowed then that is real test so speed of reading of question is higher. So in lust stages of studying, solving questions that look like real will be good experience.

2. What me and another applicant want to get from service for preparing to GMAT? Maybe it is not a questions but exact plan of studying after accomplishing which person will definitively achieve required score.

So It would be excellent to implement “virtual teacher”, the fixture that can create personal plan of studying. In first before practicing every member will have a very detailed test after which system not only show to which type of questions one answered better and to which worse but give provide information how many hours he or she should spend and haw many questions or each type he or she should solve for achieving required result in each section.

Every time when person will attend site for studying not one will choose way for studying but virtual teacher. According to persons performance, remaining time for achieving required goal will change. In this situation students will save a lot of energy that they spend to creating study plan and use all time and energy definitely to preparation.

In my opinion to create such “virtual teacher” that would make study plans is possible, and it can do better study plans then real teachers. BTG PQ use a lot of people, and track of performance of everyone is recorded in archive. There are evidence in this archive how often every person studied, what time one spend to different types of questions, how frequent one took break in studying, etc, and how one improved performance. Detailed evaluation of this information can light a lot of curious trends that will allow virtual tether work adequately.

TOEFL performance

After TWO days of practicing my TOEFL performance increase shapely! i've just done two passages without mistakes at all!! I can not imagine that this exam so easier then GMAT!!! May be i'll be able to pass it prior to 2 deadline scoring 100+!