Wednesday, November 3, 2010

News from the battle

1. breakthrough in listening section.
I've just noticed that i can understand English broadcasts more better then earlier. Furthermore listening of them does not tire me. Sometimes i forget that they are in alien language. May be it occur because i've recently bought smartphon in which i watch English broadcasts everywhere.

2. I've just solved all 100 opened for my verbal questions from Beat the GMAT practice questions. this is my result:

verbal - 70% correctly
SC - 79%
CR - 71%
RC - 57%
average time - 1m 43s

i believe that i am capable to do at least v35 before new year, because applying to MIT with 610 (q47 v27) is a little bit self-confidently. Ьy main probem in preparation is lack of practicing material. I've exhaust all open and inexpensive questions (like BTG Question, Grockit, OG, Official verbal review, Kaplan 800 etc) and another courses are very expensive for my country. Perhaps i'll buy one of courses but i do not know which.

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