Monday, November 22, 2010

GMAT cheating

What is interesting, the main search requests by virtue of which new users find my blog are GMAT Cheat sheet, gmat cheating, how to cheat on gmat, and so. (Users do not go to my blog typing in google “GMAT live questions”). All this people left my blog disappointed because I did not write really useful articles for cheaters. I wrote only this small post, that can help cheat nobody. So in this post I will write my thoughts about cheating on GMAT.

Warning: I’ve never cheated on GMAT, and I will never do so. And I am not recommend to do so anybody.

Chess cheating

In my opinion it is possible to use in GMAT only one type of cheat method that i name chess cheating. This method used my acquaintance during Ukrainian Chess Championship, and it helped him to became International Master of chess. There are a few people now who can win chess computer software. Therefore he bought headphone of such type. And his accomplice with powerful laptop tell him right chess moves.

This method is fullу useless in verbal part of GMAT, but can be helpful for solving arithmetic problems and in some situations for solving inequalities and equalities.

Maybe it is only one avealible method for cheating on GMAT now.