Friday, May 28, 2010

Quickly typing

I’ve just downloaded Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Deluxe and begun to learn quickly typing. (Richard Battle-Baxter recommended me this software) I was very surprised as easy English keyboard is. Definitely it is due to compare to Ukrainian or Russian ones that contain 33 letters, English keyboard contains only 26 letters. I think learning typing take me no more than 1-2 weeks. I will study at the work during the breaks.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Corrected study plan

Unfortunately my former study plan occurs not clear enough. I do not have time to do as much as I planed. Solving one LSAT test takes me 3 hours. Learning explanation from Kaplan takes 2,5 hours. In sum one LSAT test takes me 5,5 hours. in addition according my current plan i have to spend 40 min on listening to the bbc broadcast. and one hour on reading. So according this plan I should spend on studying every week 39.16 h.

Every day I can learn 2.5 hours in the morning (from 5-00 AM till 7-30) and after work may be 2.5-3 hours. But after work I less concentrated. In average in one day every week i delay at work on 3-4 h so i can not study in this day. In average in 1-2 days I delay on 1 hour. And in one day i meet with friends. In Saturday and Sunday in average i can study during 4 h. In another time i will relax. Every day except Sunday and Saturday I can read in subway during 40 min.

In sum every week i can study 28-31 hours. So every week i will solve only 4 LSAT test and Kaplan’s explanations for them. Remaining time will be spend on listening bbc podcast. And i will read only in subway.


In my opinion critical reasoning (logical reasoning in LSAT) is the interestest part in test. Sometimes I really enjoy solving this question. Main drawback of CR is difficult language. But texts in RC became interestingvery reraly. Especially texts about women's rights, etc.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Working class and MBA

It is trivial fact that people who study on MBA have different background. But have you ever seen person who before enrolling has experience of work as a mine worker, concrete worker, refueling operator, lader, cashier in the supermarket etc? May be I will be the first one. Surely I was a journalist, and it was my work to get a such job, and after that write a reportage about my journey to newspaper. (My employers did not know that I was an journalist.) But biggest part of time I spent not in office but in the factories and another places where I worked.

For example on this photo I work as, concrete worker in small factory.

It is the factory

I had to fill this form by concrete

It is my co-worker. He earned more money than me, because his work was very dangerous. He had to immerse hand to cement-mixer and extract stones from it. Sometimes cement-mixer turned on oneself, so workers lost their hands. It was a terrible working conditions. When article with this photo was published authority obliged owners of this factory to buy a new cement-mixer, that was more safe

I had done my work

It is me after work

On this photo I work as refueling operator

On this photo I am a mine worker. Surely before shift, because after shift mine worker’s faces have another color.

Mine is very interesting place

In this photo I am a cashier in supermarket,

my co-workers:

Drinking alcohol is the best way to relax during working shift that longs during 11 hours.

Maybe it was one of the most interesting period of my career, because in all new professions I met very different people with different values, problems, life goals, wages etc. and in Every new place I had ought to build good relationship with another workers and bosses. In short it is very interesting to communicate with different people.

And one of reasons (not main) why I want to apply for MBA is that I like to communicate with people from different countries with different background. And MBA will give me a possibility to do so. mykola tymoshenko

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Plan for improving my verbal skills

gmat_perfect from Beat the GMAT recommended me to practice LSAT questions and I think is really effective way for preparation.

Firstly, from 22.05 to 7.07 I will solve all 40 LSAT tests and read answers from Kaplan. Every week I will take 5 LSAT tests and read explanations for them.

Secondary, I will spend every day 40 minutes on listening to the radio broadcast from BBC, because I will take not only GMAT, but also TOEFL. And listening section is my weak side.

Thirdly, I will read English fiction every day during a hour. I always read books in subway, while going to work. (now I read Oscar Wild’s novel Picture of Dorian Gray. It is wonderful book. Before it I read Ernest Hemingway’s novel a Farewell to Arms. Tell the true I can not understand why this book is such well-known. This novel could be named as a Farewell to Boose. If woman drinks every day during pregnancy, she will definitely have problem during childbearing. In my opinion the best Hemingway’s novella is The Old Man and the Sea that i read in Russian. )

Fourthly I will write two essays every week. After 7.07 I will check my verbal skills and write new plan of preparation.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today got my AWA score. Unfortunately I got only 2.5. definitely my score occurs so bad due to I did not understand topic of argument essay. Furthermore I tried to understand it during 10-15 minutes, but could not. Thus my argument essay was very short, no longer than 150 words, and was more resemble not on essay, but on nonsensical array of sentences. Issue essay I did better, but in it I definitely made a lot of grammar mistakes. And it was very short, no longer than 220 words too, because I type on English keyboard very slowly. My rate of typing on Ukrainian and Russian keyboard is more than 300 symbols per minute and I can type without seeing on keyboard. But my rate of typing on English kb is not faster than 70-80. Tomorrow, for instance, I type 2 essays for scholarship during 4 hours.

In future I plan to improve rate of typing English and learn to type without seeing on kb by using a special software. It will take me several days.

By the way it is not a shame to have a lack skills. It is a shame to not pay attention on limited skills and do nothing for improving them. Definitely next AWA as well as verbal score will be more better.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cheat sheet on GMAT

I've heard funny story, about guy, who tried to use cheat sheet on GMAT. Following habits from university, he wrote all math formulas on his hand. GMAT assistant might would not notice a cheat sheet but before exam he had to put his hand on sensor that record pattern formed by a person’s palm veins. And sensor recorded not only unique pattern …

Perhaps next time he will create more sophisticated cheat sheet. For instance such as this:

Friday, May 14, 2010

GMAT, first attempt

The day before yesterday I took GMAT first time, and get 540 (Q48,V17). It is an awful result. I had not problem with math, furthermore, I finished this section earlier, but did in verbal par very bad. In GMATPrem my verbal score always was above 20, and one time even 31, quantitative - between 45 and 51. Total score fluctuated between 550 and 640. So I hoped to get in Quantitative section 51 and in verbal 33-35. Thus my total score would be above 700. But I was not so lucky. Before exam I took a vacation and prepared every day but it was not help my to do better.

Now I plan to appoint new attempt on September, not later because I hope to apply to several business schools in first deadline. And before next attempt I plan to pass TOEFL exam. Tomorrow I am going to check my score. Now my reading skills are not so bad, but writing listening and speaking may be below average.

For preparation I will use LANGMaster computer course.

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