Friday, May 14, 2010

GMAT, first attempt

The day before yesterday I took GMAT first time, and get 540 (Q48,V17). It is an awful result. I had not problem with math, furthermore, I finished this section earlier, but did in verbal par very bad. In GMATPrem my verbal score always was above 20, and one time even 31, quantitative - between 45 and 51. Total score fluctuated between 550 and 640. So I hoped to get in Quantitative section 51 and in verbal 33-35. Thus my total score would be above 700. But I was not so lucky. Before exam I took a vacation and prepared every day but it was not help my to do better.

Now I plan to appoint new attempt on September, not later because I hope to apply to several business schools in first deadline. And before next attempt I plan to pass TOEFL exam. Tomorrow I am going to check my score. Now my reading skills are not so bad, but writing listening and speaking may be below average.

For preparation I will use LANGMaster computer course.

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