Monday, May 24, 2010

Working class and MBA

It is trivial fact that people who study on MBA have different background. But have you ever seen person who before enrolling has experience of work as a mine worker, concrete worker, refueling operator, lader, cashier in the supermarket etc? May be I will be the first one. Surely I was a journalist, and it was my work to get a such job, and after that write a reportage about my journey to newspaper. (My employers did not know that I was an journalist.) But biggest part of time I spent not in office but in the factories and another places where I worked.

For example on this photo I work as, concrete worker in small factory.

It is the factory

I had to fill this form by concrete

It is my co-worker. He earned more money than me, because his work was very dangerous. He had to immerse hand to cement-mixer and extract stones from it. Sometimes cement-mixer turned on oneself, so workers lost their hands. It was a terrible working conditions. When article with this photo was published authority obliged owners of this factory to buy a new cement-mixer, that was more safe

I had done my work

It is me after work

On this photo I work as refueling operator

On this photo I am a mine worker. Surely before shift, because after shift mine worker’s faces have another color.

Mine is very interesting place

In this photo I am a cashier in supermarket,

my co-workers:

Drinking alcohol is the best way to relax during working shift that longs during 11 hours.

Maybe it was one of the most interesting period of my career, because in all new professions I met very different people with different values, problems, life goals, wages etc. and in Every new place I had ought to build good relationship with another workers and bosses. In short it is very interesting to communicate with different people.

And one of reasons (not main) why I want to apply for MBA is that I like to communicate with people from different countries with different background. And MBA will give me a possibility to do so. mykola tymoshenko


akash said...

I like a man who always struggle for a better future. Surely you are one of them who do so.


Nick said...


Silent Warrior said...

awesome. I am really glad to meet you on this blogging world. I am believe that, with your sheer will and determination, You will definitely make your way to your dream B-schools :). Wish you best of luck mate. Keep posting. Would love to see more posts :)

Eric Bahn said...

Wow, what a cool background you have! Your classmates are really lucky to have you, I'm sure you bring an awesome perspective to class.

Eric Bahn
Founder of Beat The GMAT

Nick said...

thans, Silent Warrior, will follow you too

Nick said...

Hello, Eric
you created great community. It realy helps in preporation!

miranda said...

can you leave me your email. I have several question to you!

Nick said...

surely yes!
mykola tymoshenko (at)
without spaces.