Tuesday, February 22, 2011

News from the battle

1. I decided to apply not only to MIT, but also to BS about which I wrote in this post. I’ve just wrote essay for it. Surely i dream to study in MIT but I am realist and understand that there is little chance to be admitted to this brilliant BS with GMAT 610 even with great another parts of application. In addition my real aim is NOT getting top MBA. Education is only tool that will help me achieve my real objective, and another BS can help me achieve it too.

2. in Monday (28 of February)  i'll fly to Nepal. I think about travel more often than about applying last time =).

3. after my arrival to Nepal my blog will be more interesting!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


This post about nothing. I wrote it because do now want to wait for interview invitation having 66 posts in the blog. it's 67-th post.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another way

Admission committee of one of business school to which i've not applied wrote me today that they were looking for student from Ukraine therefore I am preferred candidate for it.

I've written to adcom very frank letter, and waiting for the  answer: (I do not write name of business school, because I do not want to do so)

I write because I've received from you letter in which is written that XXXX University School of Management is looking for students from Ukraine and I have been identified as a preferred candidate for XXXX University’s management programs.

I would be happy to apply to Full-time MBA program regarding that it specializes in IT management. But I will not be able to accomplish all application requirements before deadline. The main problem is that I've not taken TOEFL exam yet and if I do it now I will hardly get more than 90, because my spoken English is not excellent. But before August of 2011 I will improve this skill obviously because I'll fly to Nepal for volunteering 28 of February for 3 month. During all this time I'll live predominantly among Americans, Australians and other native speakers, and communicate in English only. Therefore prior to June of 2011 my English will be fluent and I'll be able to get in TOEFL 100+.

The second problem lies in that my highest GMAT result is 610, and it is less than 80% range of Two-Year MBA 2010 Class profile of XXXX University School of Management. (I did GMAT 3 times. 12 May of 2010 I did 540 (q48,v17), 12 of October I did 610(q47,v27) and 30 of December I did 580 (q38, v31). I failed math in last attempt because had a severe cold during exam).

In third if I enroll to XXXX University School of Management I'll be able to pay for studying only if I take loan in US bank without co-singer because Ukrainian banks do not get loans for studying abroad and I do not have another source of financing MBA. So I am constrained to ask you, is it possible to take a loan for studying in XXXX University School of Management without co-singer?

I want to say that nevertheless written above problems I can became excellent student. I have very interesting and unusual for MBA students job experience about which I'll be pleased to write in admission essays, strong leadership qualities and great analytical skills that will help me to create brilliant career after graduation business school. Hence I will contribute to the continued development and prestige of this business school.

So I want to ask you whether I have chance to be admitted to Full-time MBA program if I take TOEFL and get in it 100+ not before 14 of March but in June. If I do, I'll obviously apply to XXX University School of Management in third deadline.

Best regards,