Tuesday, February 22, 2011

News from the battle

1. I decided to apply not only to MIT, but also to BS about which I wrote in this post. I’ve just wrote essay for it. Surely i dream to study in MIT but I am realist and understand that there is little chance to be admitted to this brilliant BS with GMAT 610 even with great another parts of application. In addition my real aim is NOT getting top MBA. Education is only tool that will help me achieve my real objective, and another BS can help me achieve it too.

2. in Monday (28 of February)  i'll fly to Nepal. I think about travel more often than about applying last time =).

3. after my arrival to Nepal my blog will be more interesting!!!


Vicki said...

Nick, have you looked at Thunderbird School of Management http://www.thunderbird.edu/ ?

It's pricey, but very prestigious. It's in Arizona. A lot of state schools like Arizona State University http://wpcarey.asu.edu/mba/ also offer a good business education for less than the private business schools. Good luck in Nepal!

Nick said...

hi, Vicki
thank you for infarmation =)