Thursday, December 30, 2010

580 (q38 v31) (50%,58%)

I want to remain that it was my third attempt. In first one in May of 2010 I did 540 (q48,v17), in the second one in the October of 2010 I did 610 (q47,v27). So I improved my verbal score (although I want to do better) but math.... I can imagine how can I fail it.   Maybe partly because i've caught a cold.... I've never do math so bad. Furthermore unlike my first or second attempt when I prepared to math very little in this month spending to it a lot of time...

Conclusion: my low gmat properly reflects level of my exhaustion. I've two work in last month, because I had to collect $1500 for applications fee and flights for interviews and in last days I could not do math in time at all, although there were not questions that I could not solve without time limit.

My chances to be admitted to MIT (the only one BS to which i'll apply this year) are very low. (((( but I will apply. In optional essay I'll honestly explain why I fail math in the last attempt. In fact I did all that I could in this year for being admitted...
BUT this awful result in GMAT did not spoil my mood greatly. Thousand of hours and a lot of energy that I spent to preparation will not not disappear but they'll bring into the life another opportunity. For example when I began to prepare to GMAT my English was relay weak, but now I read press and books and speak almost fluently. Therefore I am able to go for a 3 mouth to developing country as volunteer to tech children math. It costs little, I 'll do good deal (and I like to do good deals), and i'll improve my speaking English for free because i'll be able to live among volunteers from USA and another English speaking countries. In addition I can find new experience... In second during preparation I met a lot of interesting people which experience developed me, etc.

In the second part of February I'll go to Nepal as volunteer to teach children computer literacy and math. I'll live in Nepal for a 3 month. Surely, if i've not prepared to GMAT i would not be able to do so. No doubts that my work, not decision of MIT's admission comity makes me better. In addition my goal is not to be admitted to top business school. It is more deep, and more important. And MBA is only tool for achieving this goal. So I will be able to achieve it without admission to MIT this year but after admission to it or atother top BS next year. I am sure that after relaxation I will be able to do in GMAT more better than today. But I hope that this attempt is the last. Nevertheless my chance to be admitted to MIT is weak it exists.

(from Moscow coffee, before train, after failing GMAT)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last days before GMAT

I am going to take train to Moscow now. Tomorrow I’ll relax all the day. I plan to visit Tretyakov Gallery and several another museums. Nevertheless I have a lot of friends in Moscow I’ll not meet them, because I want to relax my mind fully. As I wrote earlier I have two jobs and I am very exhausted now. So I need relaxation.  And the day after tomorrow I’ll take GMAT last time. Wish me luck please!
me in Russian McDonalds (wed dec 29 6:47)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

GMATprep 670 (q47,v35)

In Math part I made 18(!) mistakes. I did incorrectly 9 questions among 10 lust ones because i did not have enough time. In Verbal part i did only 11 mistakes. 7 i SC, 2 in RC and 2 in CR. Maybe  I should reread Manhattan SC book. I do not have problem with time in verbal part at all, furthermore i finished it 10 minutes before time  ended.

Tomorrow i'll buy ticets to Moscow, where i'll take exam 30 of December.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One shot one kill

Today I decided that in this year I'll apply to MIT only. I hope that I'll be admitted very much. But if not it is not problem because i'll definitely enroll to INSEAD or to one of top Spanish BS in which there is program that continue 1,5 yeas and classes will begin in the March of 2012.

In spring of 2011 I plan to participate in volunteer mission in one of poor country and live several month in English speaking environment. After that my English will be really fluent so I will do verbal part of GMAT  better and i'll have better chances for admission.

Nevertheless I wrote all essays for Stanford I hope that admission committee will never read them. (i'll apply to Stanford next year only if i'll not enroll to MIT and after that to European BS) And when i'll be admitted to MIT I publish in this blog my main Stanford essay “What matters most to you and why?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Manhattan CAT 580 (q43v26) Veritas prep 660 (q47v37)

I did two CAT during weekends. In Sunday i did 580 (q43, v26) in Manhattan CAT and in Sunday I did 660 (q47v37) in Veritas CAT. 

In manhattan math part I did  19 mistakes. In verbal one 21. I did  in Manhattan very bad because in room in which i took  exam were a lot of people, who  turned on the music and i shouted them to turn it off all the time. Therefore I can not concentrate at all. So I am not worry.

Veritas test was more easy.  In Math part of  Veritas CAT i did 7 mistakes, and in verbal part 11 ones. As for me Manhattan test is more better then Veritas, because one half on veritas questions are copied form OG and very little changed. But I recognized them so knew right ansver. In last i can not understand why having (q47v37) i got only 660 not 680?  if you type (q47v37) in google you see 680 or 690. So algorithm in Veritas test is questionable. But its software is more better then that in Manhattan one.

It is fine than i've already do not have problem with time in verbal part of test. I finished V part of Manhetten test as well as that of Veritas ~10 minutes before time've been over.