Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One shot one kill

Today I decided that in this year I'll apply to MIT only. I hope that I'll be admitted very much. But if not it is not problem because i'll definitely enroll to INSEAD or to one of top Spanish BS in which there is program that continue 1,5 yeas and classes will begin in the March of 2012.

In spring of 2011 I plan to participate in volunteer mission in one of poor country and live several month in English speaking environment. After that my English will be really fluent so I will do verbal part of GMAT  better and i'll have better chances for admission.

Nevertheless I wrote all essays for Stanford I hope that admission committee will never read them. (i'll apply to Stanford next year only if i'll not enroll to MIT and after that to European BS) And when i'll be admitted to MIT I publish in this blog my main Stanford essay “What matters most to you and why?

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