Thursday, May 27, 2010

Corrected study plan

Unfortunately my former study plan occurs not clear enough. I do not have time to do as much as I planed. Solving one LSAT test takes me 3 hours. Learning explanation from Kaplan takes 2,5 hours. In sum one LSAT test takes me 5,5 hours. in addition according my current plan i have to spend 40 min on listening to the bbc broadcast. and one hour on reading. So according this plan I should spend on studying every week 39.16 h.

Every day I can learn 2.5 hours in the morning (from 5-00 AM till 7-30) and after work may be 2.5-3 hours. But after work I less concentrated. In average in one day every week i delay at work on 3-4 h so i can not study in this day. In average in 1-2 days I delay on 1 hour. And in one day i meet with friends. In Saturday and Sunday in average i can study during 4 h. In another time i will relax. Every day except Sunday and Saturday I can read in subway during 40 min.

In sum every week i can study 28-31 hours. So every week i will solve only 4 LSAT test and Kaplan’s explanations for them. Remaining time will be spend on listening bbc podcast. And i will read only in subway.


In my opinion critical reasoning (logical reasoning in LSAT) is the interestest part in test. Sometimes I really enjoy solving this question. Main drawback of CR is difficult language. But texts in RC became interestingvery reraly. Especially texts about women's rights, etc.


Angela said...

severe plan ...

Nick said...

my verbal score is 17 and awa 2.5. there is only one way to improve them)))

Ellipsing My Business School said...

don't burn yourself out... keep going... but don't burn out. when is your exam date?

Nick said...

I will not! I obviously plan relaxing day every week! In addition i do not need to sleep a lot of time. I can sleep only 5 hours or so. And i want to improve my verbal score sharply now, because in August I will try to visit English speaking country for improving my listening skills because i will have to get 100+ in TOEFL. And in this trip I will not be able to study a lot))))

I have not reserved data of exam yet, but i suppose that it will be 7.09))