Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Critical Reasoning Bible

I am reading PowerScore Critical Reasoning Bible now. It is really great book!

Several days ago left my email and resume there and got several letters from consultants about my chances to be admitted to MIT with current GMAT:

Caroline Clough
 (Clear Admit, LLC)

First off, your nationality is a positive, as relatively fewer applicants from the Ukraine are applying to business schools, which would make adding you to a class appealing to admissions committees always trying to increase their diversity. Also, your background in journalism would also be an interesting element of your profile, as long as you were able to explain how this background synchs with your goals and also has given you access to some business fundamentals. Your education is also slightly non-traditional, which can be problematic unless you try to keep the focus on how what you learned would be applicable to a business context.

On the other hand, your GMAT of 610 is considerably lower than the average at top b-schools (which is closer to 710 or 720). While your nationality and unique perspective would be compelling to the adcom, that GMAT score will give them serious pause. My recommendation would be for you to continue to study and prepare for a second sitting for the exam, with the goal of raising your score a minimum of 40 points, though the closer you can get to 700, the better. It should be noted, however, that it's best that you take the GMAT no more than three times. Also, keep in mind that you should be aiming for a TOEFL score of around 110. Your quant score on the GMAT is solid, if a little below the preferred 80th percentile...it seems that your language skills are the main issue. You might also consider enrolling in an English language course and gaining a high grade, as this could be an alternative way to present your ability to handle a rigorous all-English curriculum

Jennifer Bloom,

Hi, Nick. If you can prove that you walk on water (and lead others across it as well), if you invented the iphone, or if you have been selected by BCG for a full MBA scholarship, then you may be able to get into MIT with a 610. If you are human, it is not likely. Retaking the GMAT is the smartest route. A 650 is better but still not likely to get into MIT. I've seen MIT be a little flexible about score when they really are impressed with someone. You can certainly work on the essays in the meantime and apply with whatever score you earn in December. "..."

So. I am moving in right direction!

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