Saturday, September 4, 2010

BTG Practice Questions for people who want to gain 700+ not for beginners

I’ll get a free access to BTG practice questions, so write true review of them.

BTG practice questions are in average harder then those in OG or in Grockit and written in more challenging language. If almost all CR and SC questions from Grockit are modify ones from OG and their essence is just the same but changed name of companies, persons, branches of economy in witch companies engaged, etc, majority of BTG CR and SC questions resemble to those in OG not so strong. They more alike to Kaplan’s ones. Unlike those in OG some of BTG CR questions have math basis, and a lot of them test parallel logic as LSAT questions do.

So the fact that questions are difficult is good for applicants familiar with GMAT or with level higher than 600. But beginners (especially nonnative speaker) should in first solve easier questions, after that do harder ones. Stacey Koprince wrote there is a “layering” of DS questions but in my opinion such layering exists in questions of another types too, and by virtue of this fact the probability that person who solves easy questions excellent but doesn’t fully understand written English answer to hard question could be less than 20% so even very lucky person with real level 550 cannot get in real exam 700+. And practicing only hard questions can astray person in real exam during solving easy ones.

Compared to LSAT ones BTG reading comprehension passages are easy, but questions to them fare more difficult. But as for me this feature is inherent to RC sections from all sources. During lust several month I solved only LSAT RC passages and was unhappily surprised that question in GMAT harder.

Math questions from BTG like verbal ones in average are more difficult then those from OG. Math questions from all sources including OG and BTG as well as from real GMAT are very resemble to each other.

fiches of site:


+ site creates log of mistakes automatically.
+ questions do not repeat,
+ you can see percentile of correct answers to every questions, so it’s possible to estimate their level of difficulty
+ excellent and concise explanation in written and video format
+ big quantity hard questions

- you can not customize studying in great degree. You can choose among Verbal and Quatative, or among SC RC, CR, but you can not solve only geometry questions, or SC that test you knowledge of idiom. In addition you can not choose difficulty level of questions.
- inconvenient small window in which you can read RC passages
- the page with result works not clear, and renewed very slowly in my work's comp with Widows FireFox and broadband Internet and as well as in laptop with Ubuntu (Linux), browser FireFox and 3G Internet. (I am situated in Ukraine.). But it is not very severe problem.

BTG practice questions answer are helpful for people who familiar with GMAT format and solve at least all questions from OG, or accomplished gmat course and find additional practice.

Add please to page with results column with date and time (as i drew) . As for me it’ll be good idea to add to site fiches that enable to analyse results, create graphics of improving results and so. Although these fiches will be especially useful when the number of practice questions will grow to 1000-1500 ones.

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I do not agree with everything you say but I have to admit that you have a great blog.

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