Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nepali dreams

I've bought tickets to Nepal today. I'll move from Kyiv 28 of February, arrive to Kathmandu 1 of March and fly away 30 of May. I'll meet a lot of people from different cultures there and I like this very much. Communication with interesting people is the best enjoyment for me.

I began my career not as journalist but as programmer. But in 2006 I went to journalism because I wanted more communications and adventures. So i started rubric about which I wrote in this post. (there you can see pictures of me in different occupations) in 2007-2008 I dreamed to be international journalist for explained reason. But crisis crushed my dreams. So before middle of 2010 my external passport was fully blank. First time I go abroad in June of 2010 when I flayed to Congress of Vine and Wine that occurred in Georgia. The second time I go abroad when I visited Moldova in the Fall, and the third my international trip was to Moscow. But unlike all these journeys that were brief, I'll live in Nepal for a 3 month! So it will be the biggest adventure of my life.

During this voyage I'll speak English almost all the time, because I'll work among volunteers majority of whom are native speakers. So I'll improve my English strongly. And after that will not have problem with listening and speaking parts of TOEFL.

In addition I am waiting for meeting with my students from Nepal because i understand their lifes very well. When I studied in school, in Ukraine was strong economic crisis and average wages were about $30-100 ($30 when I started school and $100 when I graduated it), and I know how to enjoy live spending $2 per day =). I'll be useful to Nepali students not only because I will teach to them math but also because I share with them knowledge about applying to US universities and explain them as it important to have good education. It will be so interesting to meet one of my students after 10 years, when I'll have gotten MBA and started my own high tech company and he or she will study in good university and dream to return to his or her native land and contribute to modernization it.

I have only one sad thought now. It is about my failing third attempt in GMAT. My results in first and second attempts were fully adequate, but third.... If i did math as in previous attempts i would have 650, but i did it awfully... and it is possible that this absent-mindness will cost me place in MIT, my dream BS. But after journey to Nepal I'll obviously do better! and I have not doubts that I'll get MBA and achieve my goals.

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