Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Nepali news

1.Because none among my friends had used laptop for my talented students I've bought one in ebay and yesterday got it in post office. So these students will be always connected to internet and will have opportunity to study more effectively.

2.Several weeks ago i've gotten letter from MIT with inviting to apply to master degree program in Supply Chain Management developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Center for Transportation and Logistics. For applying i needed to write only one essay and send them CV. Surely I've written and sent essay and CV to MIT after one day. Application decision will be ready after 15 of May.

3.I'll fly to Ukraine not from Kathmandu but from Delhi, because it was impossible to buy ticket properly from Kathmandu using my credit card. But it is not bad because flying from India I'll be able to meet my friends.

4.I stopped to teach computer science to 11th class because their course finished, and now I teach the same subject and English to small children.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) supply chain Management 2011 Jarrod Goentzel

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