Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gmatprepnow – GMAT prep course for beginners (review of Gmatprepnow)

Founder of Gmatprepnow Brent Hanneson gave me free access to his site and asked to write true review of it. So you can read this review there.

What Gmatprepnow is?
In this site you can find a lot of video lectures about preparation to GMAT. All video lectures are distributed inside 12 sections such as Generl GMAT Strategy, Data Sufficiency, Arithmetic, Powers and Roots, Algebra and Equation Solving, Word Problems, Geometry, Integer Properties, Statistic, Counting, Probability and Analytical Writing Assessments. Lectures about preparation to verbal part of GMAT will be issued soon.

Every section contains in average 20-40 video files with explanation of exact type of questions. Overall time of lectures exceeds 24 hours.

Good sides:
1. Sections are divided for small parts so nevertheless overall time of lectures is big you can find answer to your question or listen to how to solve difficult for you question very quickly.
2. It is not obviously to buy access to all questions. You can buy access only to lectures that you need the most.
3. Before buying access to lectures you can see several ones for free.
4. Quality of lectures is very high, easy and understandeble design of site.

Bad sides:
1. You can not download video and watch it for example on smartphone in comfortable for you  place.
2. Watching lectures is not full-featured practice. For strengthening knowledge you need to solve questions. It would be good if every lecture contains homework with 10-20 questions. It is possible not to develop these questions but give numbers of such ones in OG. But there is not such homework in Gmatprepnow.

I strongly recommend buying access to Gmatprepnow to beginners (people who did not attend any GMAT courses).  But I doubt that it will be really useful for students who prepared to GMAT several months, got in real exam 680 and want to achieve 720 in next attempt.


Rolipolli said...

Hello Nick, nice to read your review.

Nick said...


Brent Hanneson said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks for reviewing my video lessons - I really appreciate it!

Your point about having homework with practice questions is very good, but I should point out that the Learning Guide ( has that feature. For example, once students watch Arithmetic lessons 1-8, they are directed to answer 20 OG12 questions that are related to the topics studied in lessons 1-8.

I occasionally get students who suggest that my materials don't cover advanced topics, but I think they get this impression because I begin every topic at a very low level. However, I also cover all advanced topics tested on the GMAT. So, any topic you find in a Manhattan GMAT or Kaplan course/book can also be found in my materials. The main difference is that Manhattan GMAT (and other resources) will often label a concept as "advanced," but I seldom do this. I think that students can understand "advanced" concepts. The main difference is that some students have difficultly seeing when to apply certain concepts. This is much different from understanding a concept.

I should also mention that we're now optimized for the iPhone and iPad.

Thanks again for your review, Nick.


Nick said...

hi Brent,
Thanks for critic of my review. I did not notice that you've made homework for some of lectures. another points... i've just written my true opinion. it is subjective as well as your one

nancy john said...

Practice questions can help familiarize with the GMAT, but in the end, we need to be physically and mentally ready in order to answer the questions without any doubt.


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