Friday, October 14, 2011

Studying in Porto

The business school in which I study is placed in very beautiful Portuguese town Porto
The program “The Magellan MBA” is very small, only 19 students. All students are with different backgrounds (dentist, consultant MCKinsey, entrepreneurs, etc.). people arrived from 11 countries around the world.
It is the most difficult for me to work in the teams. Before MBA I hated to work in the teams, always avoided it, and never paid attention to this. I've just chose individual and independence work. But in business school students should do almost all homework in the teams. I do not feel any responsibility for collective result =). I understand now that team work is my weak side and during my staying I should check it. Another my weak point is my written and spoken English. But it tends to be better and much better.
  I study Portuguese. In fact I could read Portuguese newspaper and understand 70% of information even before my arrival to Portugal due to some Portuguese words are resemble to English ones, some are resemble to Russian, some to Ukrainian. But I do not understand spoken language at all. My progress is not to high but after half of year I will be able to speak (I hope)

I clearly know what I am going to do after graduation and I feel that MBA will help me!  


GMAT Warrior said...

It's nice to doing your MBA in such a beautiful country! And the climate should be amazing this time of year!

Nick said...

thanks, GMAT warrior

it is true)))
climate is very hot. Yesterday i swam in the ocean

Rolipolli said...

Interesting post! keep writing buddy!

Nick said...

hello Rolipolli, Thanks! How are you& how is your admission process going?