Thursday, June 3, 2010

Correlation between Grockit and LSAT question

Today I purchased Grockit membership (that costs $80 and for me only $50 because I applied for scholarship from BTG), and took diagnostic test. Its result made me wonder and happy. In math section i gain 85th percentile, and in verbal gain 60th percentile. I want to believe that this result reflects my real skills, nevertheless in real exam that I took 12th May I gain only 540 (Q83% V12%). New result can be true, because since my first attempt I studying every day and very hard.

Analyzing error log of LSAT questions I can not do any conclusion about my progress, because my it looks very strange. For example my lust test was the worst among lust 4 tests..

so, this is my result in Grockit:

Verbal review:

error logs of 4 lust LSAT
LR = logical reasoning ~ critical reasoning
RC = RC :)

So, being optimistic I will take a vacation from GMAT till Monday, due to in holiday I am going to visit my parents in D n i p r o p e t r o v s k and friend in D n i p r o d z e r g i n s k .

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