Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kaneisha’s webinar

Nevertheless webinar began at 3-15 to 4-30 It was very interesting for me. So in this post you can read Kaneisha’s recommendations for odd people who apply for MBA.

1. About GMAT:
Do not take GMAT more then 3 times.
Before next attempt give yourselves at lest 2 month to preparation
take the best course that you can afford

2. if you don’t have traditional for MBA experience take a finance, accounting, economic, or math class. Thus BS will be sure that you can ability to study these topics.

3. Start write your essay right now(!).
Review essay several times
Use an essay coach, especially if you have odd background or low GMAT

Believe that it is possible to be admitted with very low GMAT or/and with absolutely unusual background.

Kaneisha offers two type of coaching one-on-on and group coaching. more information you can find in her site

In sum webinar was very interesting, and in my opinion Kaneisha is talented coach.

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Kaneisha said...

Thanks so much for this post, Nick! I'm glad you enjoyed the webinar!