Saturday, July 3, 2010

Knewton CAT 510 (q37 / 49% v24 / 32% )

It is awful result. I am very disappointed because I’ve never taken prep tests so bad. Although I felt that result would be low because a lot of things diverted my attention and I had a headache.

In math part I made 10 mistakes, two of them in first 10 questions, and 4 of them in last 10 ones. Usually having 10 mistakes I got higher score in math…
In verbal part I did bad especially in reading comprehension.
Tomorrow I will take a Kaplan or Princeton CAT for determination my real level due to i am not sure that Knewton reflect my score adequately. In addition now I guess that I should practice math too, because in real exam I want to get in math 50 or 51.

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Kaneisha said...

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