Thursday, July 15, 2010

New GMAT day

Today I’ve scheduled GMAT on 14 of October. I decided to apply in second deadline, so it is not late. i will schedule TOEFL on the middle of November, so i will have one attempt to retake it.

Now i am convinced that i will pass GMAT on 700+. I see a great progress in solving LSAT questions. in LR sections i solve 60-80% questions correctly, and in RC - 60-70%. But i have a problem with listening and speaking section of TOEFL. I’ve just took a practice of TOEFL listening section and made a lot of mistake answering on question about dialogs of two students and students and teacher, but did only one in listening of classes. this result is did not surprised me, because i listened a lot of English podcasts and lectures but very few real conversations.

Today i copied topics of essay from business school and wrote plans of essay. I plan to write essay during this month and August, after that i will only edit them.

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