Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 free premium accounts for the new Beat the GMAT Practice Questions

Good news for people who preparing to GMAT
Eric Bahn, the Founder of Beat The GMAT gave me 5 premium accounts to the new Beat the GMAT Practice Questions. Each of these accounts costs $99. I want to distribute them among readers of my blog for free.

Now 0 accounts are available.

Everyone can receive account except people from USA and EU, because I want to give free accounts to ones who relay need them, and to ones for whom $100 is big amount of money. If in US MBA applicant earn in average ~$100 per day in another countries they earn $100 per week or even less... Thanks for understanding.

For getting account fill out and send me small application form:

1. Your first and second name
2. Your age
3. Your country and town
4. Your current job
5. BS to which you plan to apply
6. Your current (if exists) and target GMAT score
6. ONE sentence. Why do you want to get MBA?
7.Your photo

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