Monday, October 11, 2010

GMAT tomorrow!

Several hours ago i've returned form Kishinev. In business trip i did the most important part of my work, took an interview form Minister of Agriculture, in the morning of first day, and after that i let my mind to have rest. at the other time i degustate wines and divines (Moldavian cognac) met with wine makers and so.

Before business trip i understood that it was bad idea to take CAT in the hotel so i did it in the morning before train. for taking test i got up at 4-00 AM. I cannot concentrate at all and scored only 610 (q42 v31). as i saw after test quantitative part was so low because i did a lot of mistakes in first 15 questions, therefore level of remained questions was low. In verbal part did a lot of mistakes in all parts. But this result did not spoil my mood, because in that morning i did not have time even to do a coffee so i was very sleepy.

In the train i resolved all ~110 SC questions from Official verbal review, making ~90% of them correctly. Excellent SC is my main and exclusive trump in verbal part!

Today i will not study, but will relax. I've just bought i bottle of Californian wine that my co-worker and i will drink after GMAT. As i promised to my boss we will drink wine after GMAT irrespective of result. We will drink exactly a Californian wine because majority of business schools to which i'll apply situated in California.

Unlike my lust attempt today i reаlly ready to GMAT and capable to reach 700+. Now i need only luck! If you are regular reader of my blog wish me luck please!


Lisa Rocks said...

I take my GMAT tomorrow as well. I will also be drinking California wine regardless of the outcome!

Good Luck!

GRE Test said...

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aimingformba said...

Good luck with your GMAT!

Nick said...

Lisa Rocks imingformba