Monday, October 4, 2010


Today i did RC. In sum i read 15 passages from OG, and answered to 84 questions making 21 mistakes. It is very good result for me. I can say that i do RC more confidently now that early. And if before my first attempt i liked physic or astronomic passages but hated historic ones, especially about women that fought for their right or why their wages were lower than men's ones, today i understood all texts without problem and spent for each (including answering to questions) exactly 10 minutes. Now i hate only biological passages, in which written about inquisitive scholars that goof on rats injecting them different chemicals and looking what will occur, or doing another experiments. This is quote from passage:

"Some experimental evidence tends to show that alcohol reduces fear in the approach-avoidance situation. Conger trained one group of rats to approach a food goal and, using aversion conditioning, trained another group to avoid electric shock. After an injection of alcohol the pull away from the shock was measurable weaker, while the pull toward the food was unchanged."

in addition to RC i did math question with which i have problem, and retook SC is which i did mistakes earlier today. Maybe i will begin to prepare to AWA tomorrow.


CrackVerbal said...

Hi Nick,

Nice to see that you're keeping a track of your GMAT prep on this blog, I'm sure you'll ace it!

Good luck for the GMAT :)

Nick said...