Friday, October 29, 2010

English proficiency

Yesterday i had an interview in Toefl courses, in which i had a mini test. In reading part i did only 9 out of 13 answers correctly and in Listening i did 8 out of 11 correctly. ..

Consultant said that it is impossible with such result to get 100+ in TOEFL prior to New Year? but will reach this result without problem after February. And may be it is true.

So I decide to apply to majority of business school in third deadline. I will apply in second one only to MIT that do not require TOEFL. In essay i'll write true, that my English is still not fluent, but prior to September of 2011 i'll definitely will not have problem with language.


several days ago i've gotten letter from one of the best Korea BS, with suggestion to study there free, and with scholarship for leaving. In letter were written that this program is available only for Ukrainian who've gotten at least 650 in GMAT. So i've wrote that my result is only 610. Admission comity asked me to send them CV, and maybe they invite me even with my current result.. I did this but have not gotten answer yet.

But am glad that i received this letter because it lift up my firmness that all'll the best! Nevertheless my last posts are not optimistic i feel myself excellent!

and today i have 25!

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