Sunday, October 17, 2010


At the weekends I:

1. wrote 3 essays for Stanford and wrote plan of 4-th one.

2. decided to enroll to TOEFL cources. Tell the true I decided to do so not only for studying but also for meeting people who are going to study abroad. If in lust spring, i guessed that these meetings are stupid because i had a lot of friends but did not have time for seeing them. But now i change this notion, because almost all of my current acquaintance know nothing about MBA and GMAT and I can not speak with them about this.

3. I first time degustated grappa. It is excellent spirit. But i should reduce amount of alcohol that i drink, because my mind should be clear. It'll be better to cease to drink spirits at all but drink only wines. Nevertheless now i wrote not only about marketing in alcohol industry now, but also about market of vodka, brandy, cognac and another spirits. And wines is not my topic.


Anonymous said...

Matchless topic, it is very interesting to me))))

Nick said...

thanks, anonymous)