Tuesday, October 5, 2010

today's studying

Bad news:
1. my performance in RC fell from 75% yesterday to 51%, and speed of reading fell from 10 min for passage to 13-14. May be it occurred because lust questions in the book are more difficult.
2. After GMAT i will not fly to Lev Golitsin Sparkling Wine Competition that will occur from 13-17 of October, but go to business trip to small winery that situated in village with very bad service. So i will not relax properly after exam.

good news:

I solved problem with practice of speaking English and money for flights to USA to interviews. (As i wrote earlier i have lack listening and speaking skills because i studied language reading books and magazines.) So I enrolled to the second job in which i'll be participate in advertising campaign of one of the biggest France producer of cognac and during 3 weeks i will visit a lot of invents in which i will speak with English speaking person and after that write articles for glossy magazines and Facebook community.

I do not know is it good or bad news...

Director just called me and told that in weekend i have to flight to business trip to Kishinev (Moldova). I rely like international business trips because I like to meet new people, degustate new wines or another alcohol drinks and see new places. Such business trips make me very energetic. But in weekends i planned to do 2 official CATs... So this CATs i will have to do in the mornings in hotel before invents, end will review them in the night. I am sure than all'll be Ok.

So today will accomplish lust 70 (148 as i just seen :)) math questions from BTG, and review all ones in which i will do mistake. And in this week i'll resolve and after that review all ~340 SC questions in which i did mistakes. today i'll be study drinking Georgian wine. I do not know why, but after wine my math performance does not fell! Sometimes it even increases.


Angela said...

Hi Nick,
you have very interesting job!

Nick said...

it was rely unusual and interesting two years ago ^)))(
http://waytotopbs.blogspot.com/2010/05/working-class-and-mba.html )
now it's interesting too, but i dram about top BS!