Saturday, October 2, 2010

Manhattan CAT 720 (Q51, V37)

as for me it is excellent result, regarding that in May I did in real exam 540 (Q48,V17). It is the first CAT in which i overcome 700 brier. In math part i had problem with time. So a lot of questions i did not solve but guessed what answer is correct knowing that result have to be multiple of 3, in its denominator should be pi or so. It is interesting that in official CAT i always had enough time .

In verbal part i spend a lot of time to RC and CR. I have not been able to use method of quickly reading reading English text yet. Unlike in Russian or Ukrainian, in English the order of words in sentences is very important. So I can not to look to paragraph whole during 5-10 seconds and understand it's content but have to read every sentence separately.

I dream to repeat current result in real exam that will occur 12 of October. I am very nervous now because I've spent for preparation to exam and studying English awesome amount of time. I've spent so much energy to none deal in life. but result will be depend on a lot of factors... My day to day performance is not permanent, so in real exam i can do 800 as well as 620. But if i am honest with admission comity, i should not be nervous at all. As a wrote in my Stanford essay (that surely i'll rewrite several times) "I am believe that energy spent on long way will never disappear, but bring into the life another wonderful things. Christopher Columbus opened the America in the way to the India, and cure for cancer can be developed during preparation of expedition to the Mars. Therefore if I go to my dream with inspiration and treat a defeat at finish, it is not bad. It’s matter that I will get another even greater opportunity..." therefore i go to review CAT and will try to be not nervous.

PS. After review:
in verbal sections i did:
SC 1 out of 15 incorrectly
CR 6 out of 14 incorrectly
RC 6 out of 12 incorrectly

texts in RC was quite simple for me but questions for them was very tricky.
i did bad in CR because i could not understand some arguments properly. So i should practice CR during next week. But I've solved all open GMAT CR questions several times. Recommend me pleas free additional sources of CR.

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