Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My decision after failing GMAT

Only today i understood as awful my result is nevertheless I did test better then 67% of all test takers. But unfortunately this result is adequate because in test i was really very concentrated! I thought that i did first half of verbal part very well. In that part i properly understood 2 RC texts and did not have problems with SC and CR. But in the middle of exam I bumped into very sophisticated text that i did not understand after reading at all. So i reriad it several times, but level of understanding was bаd. In sum i spent on this a lot of time and probably did almost all questions incorrectly. After that I had lack of time so i could not understand CR properly. So i did verbal part so bad because did strategic mistake. I hadn't to answer to questions for this text at all. my main problem now is that for understanding difficult text i have to read it several times although i familiar with all words in it. I am sure that this drawback will pass off, but it is exist now. And for working for this drawback i have to not do gmat questions but read difficult English texts.

So i decided:

1. i will retake test in December. (before the second deadlines that will occur before 10 of January)
2. i will not study in this month at all.
3. I will scheduled toefl after business trip that will occur in 15-16 of October on the end of November.
4. I will apply to Stanford even with GMAT 610, and write in essay my true story.
5. apart from Stanford i'll apply to MIT, UCLA and several not top BS.

in sum, never give up...but where to find energy for essays, two works, preparation of another parts of admission packages, gmat and toefl.... i do not know but definitely find.

PS. i see that this blog transforms from blog to blog about my life )))


aimingformba said...

Good to see your spirit!

My suggestions:
1. Get the Kaplan Verbal Workbook
2. Get Kaplan 800
3. Get the Manhattan SC book
4. Powerscore CR book
5. Kaplan Premier

Take GMAT Prep/Manhattan GMAT. Get your score by SC, CR and RC. Work on all these books for a month. Take section tests focusing only on verbal (Kaplan section tests (verbal), 800score, manhattan gmat, ETS paper tests). Take full length tests on the weekend. Keep an error log of the verbal and practice questions where you made a mistake, every day, till you get all the questions right.

Nick said...

thanks a lot! hope it'll help!!!!

aimingformba said...

It will definitely help. When I took the MGMAT Free Test, I didn't even start with Kaplan. You can see my last post on my blog to see that there is an improvement after working on Kaplan 800.

Nick said...

I saw. Improvement from 600 to 640 is really great.

Kaplan 800 as well as Manhattan SC are book great books, and i solved all questions from them. But i did not use Get the Kaplan Verbal Workbook, Powerscore CR book and Kaplan Premier. so before exam i'll try them. But now i'll just read difficult english texts because my main problem is poor English. Maybe you can notice this seeing numerous mistakes in my posts)))))

In second i want to say you that Manhattan test is more easy then real exam, and i scored in free test 720
during math part i lost Internet connection several times so i have several not planned breaks. therefore i did math better then in real exam. But in verbal part of Manhattan i scored 37 but in real exam only 27. It is not occasional. In my opinion Manhattan verbal part more easy then that in real exam, especially Reading comprehension.

The best way to estimate real level is to take official CAT. but in it a lot of questions from OG, and verbal review with which you are familiar. So your result in CAT will be a bit higher then in real exam. unofficial CATs useful not for estimation your score but for having GMAT experience, for improve endurance and so.